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1)  THE HAMMER HALLOWING: the calling and raising the shield wall

Lo, to the north do I look, my gaze seeking far and wide. From this, my/our Othal Land, do I/we look north toward the Heimat, the ancient and holy ancestral lands of my father’s fathers!

That from which my/our beloved lineage first took root. Engendered by our holy Allfather Odin.

As in elder days of yore, I call out to thee oh mighty Odin! That ye and the holy host of Æsir and Vanir might join me/us this night/day, to enjoy my/our welcome, my/our hospitality and to bear witness to this holy work I am/we are about to wrought..

Facing North, perform the Hammer blessing:

Hammer í Nordri, helga vé thetta ok hindra alla illsku!

Next face East:

Hammer í Austri, helga vé thetta ok hindra alla illsku!

Next face South:

Hammer í Sudri, helga vé thetta ok hindra alla illsku!

Next face West:

Hammer í Vestri, helga vé thetta ok hindra alla illsku!

Facing North and looking overhead:

Hammer í Asgard, helga vé thetta ok hindra alla illsku!

Still facing North, and looking down at your feet/ground:

Hammer í Helheim, helga vé thetta ok hindra alla illsku!

Still facing North, and holding the Hammer straight out in front at chest level:

Hammer í Midgard, helga vé thetta ok hindra alla illsku!


Facing North, assume the Elhaz () Stadha and recite this Galdr:

Heil ye holy Allfather Odin, keeper of the Runes, wisest of all Gods, Father of Gods and Folk of the Aryan Tribes, great God of the Æsir, God of royalty, God of battle, wisdom and war!

God of death and mysticism, Father of the slain, great Valhalla host, hold ye, the holy kindred, your sons and daughters of the North Folk. Mighty warrior God and wanderer of elder days, turn

my/our heart(s) toward you, great and mighty Odin!


I consecrate and make holy to the service of Allfather Odin and the Æsir and Vanir, this Stallr/ Hörgr! Banishing from it and this sacred Vé, all wights and influences which are impure and unholy. May my/our heart(s) and mind(s) in this holy place, likewise be consecrated.


Kindle now I, thee sacred flame of inspiration, cleansing and illumination. It is the first mystery and the final mercy. May it burn bright and long throughout all nine worlds and within the hearts and minds of our Folk!


Heil Odin, Father of Victory! On this first day of Summer in the elder days of yore, in the Othal lands of my/our ancestors, I/we bid thee welcome and troth, oh mighty Odin! For as surely as you have touched the hearts and minds of those dedicated to you, in service to our Gods, Folk and Vor Forn Siðr, I/we assemble this very day in honor of the struggle, and the victory which you afford those valiant enough to dare. Heil to you Sigtýr, victory bringer!

May those whom don your sacred knot, fail not in service to our sacred cause and way. May I/we, of the Living Einherjar, measure tall and trú in the face of adversity and hardship. So that you may deem me/us, your living champion(s) and hero(es). That my/our deeds be worthy of the honor which your victory bestows upon one whom is stalwart enough to fill your hallowed hall.

Heil Allfather Odin!

Teiwaz () – Teiwaz () – Teiwaz ().

6)  THE INVOCATION: charging the Hlaut

Holy father of victory, oh great and mighty Odin…Pour now, your blessings of victory and divine energy into this Hlaut, that I/we may receive your gift of victory and that I/we may grow closer to you, Father (and to each other as we share it among ourselves).

I/we take this moment to reflect upon the Folksoul and memory, which ever resides in Valhalla. That I/we may know my/our place in the grander scheme and order of our sacred line. May I/we assume that place with honor, pride and a commitment towards the defense of our sacred holy way and future. In thy reverent and venerable name do I/we Galdr thee ancient song;

Sowilo() – Sowilo () – Sowilo()


The very embodiment of courage, honor and victory within the memory of our lore, is the very example of Sigurd the Dragon slayer. While Beowulf, Egil Skalagrimsson and Ragnar Hairy breeks all stand out among so many champions of Odin, Sigurd/Sigfried stands tallest!

May I/we seek to emulate the very noble virtues of strength and fortitude in my/our journey North. May the lessons of the Einherjar proper, residing in Valhalla resound loudest in our/my heart(s) and mind(s) whenever we/I are called upon to uphold our sacred duty in this life and the next. Especially when our/my own death song is at hand! May they and Odin, smile upon me/us as I/we cast my/our gaze toward Ásgard and loose my/our battle cry… “Odin! Victory or Valhalla give unto me/us!”

(At this place, say whatever words you have composed for this Blót, or you feel in your heart).

Now Galdr:

Ansuz() – Ansuz() – Ansuz().

8)  THE GIVING, THE MINNI (memory drink) and BLESSING:

Facing North, raise the Drekkjarhorn up to the sky and recite the following, or similar words of own choosing;

“I/we offer you this Hlaut Odin, with love, honor and the respect of your loyal descendants.”

Now pour some of the Horn’s Hlaut into the Hlaut Boli. This done, begin the Minni by saying a toast, and thereafter allowing each of the assembled to do the same. The Horn is passed about in a sunwise/clockwise direction. Once the Minni is completed, perform the blessing…

Take up the Hlaut Boli and Hlautteinn, face north and hold it up to Odin. Now face the assembled Folk in the circle, and in a sunwise progression, bless each by dipping the Hlautteinn into the Hlaut and sprinkle each in a Sowilo() fashion while intoning; “I give thee the blessings of Odin… and the blessing of victory!”


Face North and sprinkle the Sta11i/Hörgr and intone;

“Summer’s victory reins once more in the lands of our ancestors as I/we the gathered Sons (and daughters) of Odin, mark this Summarsdag. I/we praise thee Allfather Odin! And I/we give thee honest thanks for thy blessing of victory in my/our life/lives. As your Aryan Folk know thee today and our ancestors knew ye back then, may our descendants yet to come know thy name, thy glory and thy victory for as long as our Folk shall live. Heil Odin! Odin heil!!!

Now empty the Hlaut Boli’s contents on the ground to the north, if outdoors. If in Hof, leave it upon the Stalli until the next morning then dispatch it properly in the sink and Hammersign

over it with your right fist.

This Blót is now done, either break the shield wall or breath in its energy and take it with

you. If you are in your own Hof, you may elect to allow it to continue to stand and protect the Vé.

Depart in Frith and Grith with all assembled, both Folk and Gods.