1519 Profile

The Sacred Order of the Sons of Odin is a Priesthood / Brotherhood of Gothar (Priests) and Living Einherjar (Odin’s Chosen Warriors/Sons).  Our primary purpose is the defense, advancement and promotion of all aspects of our native and indigenous Pagan/Heathen religion called Odinism.  This religion and way of life was indigenous to the peoples of Northern and Western Europe and so it remains so of their descendants today, “us”!

Odinism is a religion and way of life that is concerned with the ethics of social behavior, our relationship with one another and nature, with the laws of natural order and with life in its vast entirety.  It is a religion and way of life that is concerned with the advancement of our faith, folk, culture, history, ecology, mysticism, etc., etc.

Odinism defines our unique identity as a folk and as individuals within our own folk.  Odinists believe that in order to respect other folks, we must first fully respect our own folk!  Odinism is a majestic link to our pagan past, a strength here in the present and yet, it is a fire burning within us, a torch to be passed on to light the way for a noble future.

As the Odinist religion is regarded as a way of life, (Siðr) “Our inherited way of life”, prior to the “civilized” brainwashing of the Christian missionaries, we feel obligated as both Gothar (Priests, Gothi singular), and Living Einherjar to pass the torch to our descendants as we have accepted that same torch from our ancestors!  We seek to serve our folk living today with a ministry that is true, noble and filled with the honor of our Gods and ancestors.  We are the very Vanguard, the defenders of our sacred religion, each man avowed to advance the flame and ensure that it will never be extinguished!!!

The Sons of Odin is a loyal order of Gothar and Living Einherjar devoted to the elder faith of Fundamental Odinism, its Gods and Goddesses, the folk who adhere to it and above all else, we are loyal to All-Father Odin and each other!  We employ the Valknut as our primary symbol as sons and chosen warriors of Odin.  The use of the Valknut and its significance thereafter, is one of dual purpose:  First and foremost it is a symbol of our loyal allegiance to Odin in both life and death.  Secondly, it is a symbol of honor and reverence to all of our ancestors who chose to die horrible deaths at the hands of the Christian missionaries, rather than forsaking the old Gods.  The Valknut is known as the tri-knot symbol of Odin’s slain and chosen warriors; those who dawn the Valknut pledge to die rather than forsake the old Gods, out of fear, or weakness.  We, the Sons of Odin, honor the elder Gods and faith of our ancestors.  We are not a politically correct or meek order!

Does the Sons of Odin have a political agenda?
“NO”!  The Sons of Odin, in order to preserve the sacred holiness of the order and faith, does not subscribe to any political agenda, in any forum what so ever.  However, Members are free to exercise whatever personal politics and views they elect to, providing it is done outside of the Sacred Order.

Who comprises the administration of the Sons of Odin? 
The administration of the Sons of Odin, Vinland Kindred, has a governing body called the “Court of Gothar”.  The Court of Gothar may not at any time exceed the number 4, that is to say, that no more than 4 Gothar (Priests) will hold the office of Court Gothar at any one time.  This number includes the Honorable Herjan himself. (Needless to say, all members of the Court of Gothar “must” be ordained Gothar.  Ordination of the Gothar will occur only after the Apprentice Gothi successfully completes the course of Gothar and the Valknut Rite.)  The Court of Gothar was once called the Court of Elders which was governed by the Chief Court Elder (C.C.E.), who is now replaced by the Honorable Herjan (Chief Court Gothi). The Chieftain (CCG) always has the final authority of ruling.

What is an Apprentice in the Sons of Odin? 
Apprentice membership is open only to those by way of sponsorship.  That is to say that one seeking to become an Apprentice must be sponsored by a full member for a minimum of one to three years, or by three full members for a minimum period of one year, the sponsor(s) of an Apprentice is/are responsible for providing the Apprentice with Rede (counsel) and education of the Elder ways wherever it is lacking.  Apprentice membership is obvious for two reasons:

  1. It gives the Sons of Odin and the Sponsor the opportunity to be sure that the Apprentice is a stable candidate both in belief and character, as the Sons of Odin “Is Not”  a gang, or club.  We wish to preserve the honor and integrity and holiness of our Order by barring the ill suited from entry within our ranks.
  2. It affords the Apprentice the opportunity to decide whether he is right for and ready to espouse the enormous commitment attached to being a Son of Odin.

What is “Profession?” 
Profession is the Rite which affirms before the Gods and Kinsmen, a person’s return to their true indigenous faith and hence they become a recognized member of the Holy Nation of Odin’s Community.  This step is a prerequisite to advance to the Valknut Rite and should not be taken lightly for it is a very holy ceremony, simple as it may be; irrevocable oaths are sworn in the Rite.  This Rite may be either simple or complex based upon one’s desire.  It may be performed alone or in the presence of others to bear witness.

What is the Valknut Rite?
The Rite of the Valknut is the ONLY way one may gain entry into the ranks of the Sons of Odin, PERIOD!  This Rite is very holy and dangerous in nature because to break this oath, or any oath to Odin, is to ask for a life filled with misery and endless misfortune to say the least!  This Rite must be performed during the time of “Odin’s Ordeal”.  Odin’s Ordeal occurred over nine days and nights whereby he hung from the world tree Yggdrasill, without food, or water in order to gain the knowledge of the Runes!  It is during these nine nights, Harvest 17th to the 25th, that the Apprentice must perform the blood Rite of the Valknut by cutting one side of the Valknut, each night of Odin’s Ordeal, into his flesh which will be deep enough to leave a permanent scar. Where it is located is up to the initiate.  The Apprentice will also forfeit his voice for the entire duration of the nine days and nights, never speaking once in that period!   He will also fast during this period.  These rituals combined comprise the Valknut Rite.  After the Apprentice has completed this Rite, the court of Gothar will vote on his admittance, or not.  Barring any unusual circumstance at this point the membership will be granted and the Apprentice will be inducted via the Sons of Odin’s Einherjar Rite prior to the Shedding moon becoming full.

What are the Bylaws of membership?
The Sons of Odin, while being a Brotherhood, is more so and primarily an Order of Warrior Priests, all having different strengths and weaknesses, different levels of ability and abilities.  Therefore, we strive to maximize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses while cultivating an honorable and noble Order.  And because as Gothar we are avowed to serving and defending the Holy Nation of Odin community at large, we are all expected to abide by the following bylaws:

  1. To strive for the advancement of the Sons of Odin and the ministry of our faith as well as to promote prosperity and spirituality amongst members so as to sustain sacredness and discipline.
  2. To maintain family and Kindred loyalty.
  3. To educate our folk and children in the spirit of our Gods and the old ways as well as heritage.
  4. To always strive to advance the Holy Nation of Odin and the Scared Order of the Sons of Odin within the Holy Nation of Odin and without.
  5. To regard fellow members as brothers, kinsmen and comrades, regardless of whether they are Gothar, Court of Gothar, or simply Einherjar,  and to observe and respect any member’s wish to remain anonymous to those outside the order.
  6. To aid and be aided in sickness, distress or any state of poverty.
  7. To be slow to take offense and quick to forgive without delay where your kinsmen are in regards.
  8. The Sons of Odin is governed by the Court of Gothar of which all members are ordained Gothar; the Court of Gothar is directed by the Herjan/Chief Court Gothi (CCG).
  9.  Of course, all members must pledge their allegiance to Odin, the Gods and the Einherjar.
  10. All members (1519=members) must honor and observe the holy Rites, Blóts and Sumbels of the Elder faith.
  11. All members must leave their political views, if any, outside of the Sacred Order.
  12. All members must honor the principals and virtues of Odinism.  We have no room for self-accepted weakness within the Order.  We must strive to live our lives with honor and nobility. We do not recognize racial universalism.  The idea that all peoples of the world are one and the same is very absurd and ignorant.  The uniqueness of people lies in the diversity of their ancestral heritage.  Thus, we have both the courage and respect to recognize this fact.
  13. No member shall act in such a way as to bring dishonor upon either the Order itself, or the Odinist community.  Should this occur, the Court of Gothar shall decide and vote on an acceptable method of discipline which if refused will result in the dishonorable expulsion from the Sons of Odin!
  14. All members must adhere to All-Father’s two commandments found within the Hávamál regarding the Runes and Blót.
  15. As professed Sons of Odin, we hold holy his day of the week; Odinsdagr/Wednesday, as our high holy day over all others.
  16. While the Sons of Odin, 1519 honor all of our Ancestral Codes of Honor and Virtues, (i.e. Nine Noble Virtues, Rede of Honor, etc.) we hold that the “Æsirian Code of Nine” is the Code of Primacy which all 1519’s adhere too.
  17. Any materials which the Sons of Odin, 1519 produce, either exoteric or esoteric, for the exclusive use by 1519 members, will not be revealed, disseminated or discussed with any non-1519 member, without the express permission of the 1519 Court of Gothar.  Any Violation of this provision will result in immediate dishonorable discharge!  Any materials available for public perusal by way of the 1519 profile, Gungnir, or website are exempt from the criteria of this provision.
  18. All members of the Sacred Order of the Sons of Odin, 1519 – Vinland Kindred must observe mandatory silence by forfeiting their voice from Odinsdagr (Wednesday) night sunset, till Thorsdagr (Thursday), sunrise. They must also observe the mandatory silence by forfeiting their voice during the Nine nights of Odin’s ordeal, from Harvest (August) 17th through the 25th.  This time is set aside so that members have the time to meditate on what they are supposed to be focusing on, their spiritual path of the road north.
  19. 1519 DRUG PROHIBITION POLICY – The use, possession, or solicitation of drugs, or other similarly illegal substances, is now and forever shall be, prohibited to all Sons of Odin, 1519.
    • EXCEPTIONS shall only be made for:
      • Legally proscribed or over-the-counter medication.
      • Purely NATURAL herbs, or extracts, produced by Mother Jörd, without chemical or other alteration, may be used for the sole purpose of expressly SPIRITUAL endeavors.

        Failure to adhere to this prohibition, and/or abuse of the above exceptions, constitutes ‘self-accepted weakness’ and DISHONOR, and shall be referred to the Court of Gothar for the imposition of proper discipline per Article VII, §13
  20. Candidacy for membership within the Sons of Odin, 1519-Vinland Kindred is open to men only, who have a minimum of three (3) years experience as “Professed” Odinists.
  21. ALL 1519 members belong to an ÆTT (pl. Ætter).  An Ætt is a family, or clan.  The word Ætt is Old Norse and means literally; “Family: The further implication is the family of eight, though the number eight bears no consequence regarding the present considerations.

    The Ætter have been structured to the following:

    The Grand Ætt, which contains all National Officers, i.e. Chieftain/ Chief Court Gothi (CCG/Herjan), Court Gothi Deputy Chieftain (CGDC), Court Gothar (CG) and Chief Warder (CW).

    For this reason, members of the Grand Ætt are Nomads in status. They may belong to whatever State Ætter they elect. The Grand Ætt is the International Ætt.  They assume authority over State Ætter and chapters.

    All other Ætter are by State name, e.g. the California Ætt, the Texas Ætt, etc… 

    Each Ætter will have a Jarl and Warder.  They assume authority for State Ætt and over Chapters within their State’s Ætt.

If/when a State Ætt has numerous members located throughout their state, they may petition the Grand Ætt to form Chapters, e.g. the California Ætt may have a Orange County Chapter, a Los Angeles Chapter, a Fresno Chapter, a Bakersfield Chapter, etc.., etc… And so on, and so on per each State. Each Chapter must have three (3) members minimum to charter a Chapter. Each Chapter will have three (3) Officers i.e. a Jarl, a Warder, and a Scribe (Secretary). All Chapters in a given State belong to that State’s Ætt. All 1519 members will also be members of the Holy Nation of Odin, Inc (HNO). All State Ætter will have at the least one (1) legally Ordained Gothi (Priest). Credentials will be from the 1519/HNO. An Apprentice Gothi (AG) may fill the required position while he completes his seminary studies and earns full ordination credentials.

An application must be filled out by all 1519 Apprentice Candidates.

All members, Ætter and Chapters, remain accountable to the executive authority of the Chieftain’s Court (Court of Gothar) and the Bylaws of the SONS OF ODIN, 1519.

These twenty one by-laws apply as much too any Apprentice as well as any member and of course the importance of sworn oaths should never be forgotten.

How are the Sons of Odin organized locally and abroad?
It has already been explained how we are locally organized.  As for those Kindred’s abroad, they, like ourselves in Vinland, are fully autonomous and therefore may differ from country to country and Kindred to Kindred.

What about geographically isolated members?
That “Self-reliance” is one of our nine noble virtues says it all!  If a member is isolated from others, they have an obligation to honor our holy ways, advance their knowledge and wisdom on their own through books, meditation and any available means.  The advancement of our ministry is of paramount importance no matter where one might find himself.

Why are the Runes so important?
If this must be explained to the reader of this profile, then you are not advanced enough to concern yourself with the content of this profile.

What are Odinist Names?
All members of the Sons of Odin must use the name “Odinson” after their first name and prior to their last name, be it their birth name, or an Odinist name.  An Odinist name is an indigenous name of the ancestral folk (i.e. Lars, Ulf, Ragnar, Harvald, etc.)  Many choose to demonstrate their full and sincere return to the ways of our ancestors by adopting/changing their name to an indigenous one.  Members will sign their names in the following fictitious manner; John Odinson Smith, 1519-CG.  The preceding example would denote that John Odinson Smith is a member and Court Gothi.  The Herjan is the Chief Court Gothi (CCG).

What calendar do the Sons of Odin employ?
We utilize, as do most Odinists, the Runic Era calendar which is hundreds of years older than the Roman/Christian calendar.  The Runic Era calendar is established and fixed at 250 years older than today’s standard calendar.  Hence, while it may be 1994 CE (common era) it is 2244 RE (runic era).  We also call the months by the names that our ancestors used:  Snowmoon=January, Horning=February, Lenting=March, Ostara=April, Merrymoon=May, Fallow/Midyear=June, Haymoon=July, Harvest=August, Shedding=September, Hunting=October, Fogmoon=November, Wolfmoon/Yulemoon=December.

How does someone gain admittance into the Sons of Odin?
In order to become a member of the Sons of Odin an Apprentice must:
     1. Find a member/or members willing to sponsor him.
     2. Must serve  a minimum of 1 to 3 years as an Apprentice
     3. Must perform the Valknut Rite between Harvest 17th and 25th.
     4. Must win the approval of the Court Gothar.
     5. And finally, must be initiated by the Einherjar Rite.

Why is Blót so important?
See above answer to “Why are the Runes so Important?”

What are the Nine Noble Virtues?
Courage, strength, honor, hospitality, freedom/self reliance, joy, perseverance, realism, ancestry/kinship.

These may vary in the exact wording as listed here, but the virtues attached or, rather, the descriptions attached hereto are reminiscent of the virtues embraced by the Odinist community the entire world over.

How does one contact the Sons of Odin?
If you are reading this profile, you need only to look at the end of it for the “Courtesy of:” which will read as the following fictitious example:

This profile is provided courtesy of:  John Odinson Smith, 1519 CG

1519 Valhalla Dr. #1
Odinstown, USA 00009
Sons of Odin, Vinland Kindred

If a member’s name & address are not listed in the provided area, we may be contacted via “The Holy Nation of Odin.” and they will pass your letter on to us as the Sons of Odin, Vinland Kindred is an official Order of the Holy Nation of Odin.

Apprentice Gothi = 1519 – AG
Chief Warder = 1519 – CW (National Officer)
Warder=1519-W (Officer/State or Chapter)
Apprentice = 1519 – A
Court Elder (original co-founders) = 1519 – CE
Court Gothi = 1519-CG (National Officer)
Jarl = 1519-J (State or Chapter Officer)
Einherjar = 1519 (a member)

This profile is provided courtesy of the Sons of Odin, 1519, PO Box 731, Kingsburg, CA  93631