by Goði, Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG,


The many guises of Holy War may be witnessed on several fronts and in several locations all about Midgard.  Whether they constitute a corpus of atrocities or righteous reckonings is a matter of heated debate, as all parties ensnared in any campaign will assume the mantle of either ‘Patriot’, or ‘Terrorist’.  Which one is merely a matter of perspective, for such may not be measured by the quantity of pain and suffering.  To be sure, no one side in any conflict may lay siege to such a dubious monopoly.

But are all Holy Wars to be enacted upon the physical Theatre of Operation?  Let us consider this query on a deeper level and equally so, let us afford it the deference of an honest examination.

The object of primacy for any military campaign is to contain, neutralize and eliminate the perceived threat to the welfare of the Folk involved.  So then, let us endeavor to examine and consider some of the very legitimate adversaries we as a Faith, Folk and Tribe are posed with.  To begin, we must establish just what constitutes a genuine threat to our survival, welfare and advancement as both a faith and folk.  I would submit that we may all concur that any such agent which is counter productive to our welfare and progress, may constitute a legitimate threat and therefore warrant the mantle of “Foe Profane!”  Thus do I stipulate upon the afore cited presumptions.

So then, in concordance with the afore stated, lets examine the catalog of agents amassed against us as members of our sacred and beloved Faith/Folk community…

VICES:  Vices are any number of undesirable behaviors, often habitual and morally derelict in concert with depraved states of self accepted weaknesses.  These will vary from person to person, though some will share several of the same, and chief among them is ‘lack of accountability’.  This of course is followed closely by substance abuse, gambling, sex addictions which lead one astray from one’s own mate, or any activity which one knows to be selfish, detrimental and places one’s own desires over and above the needs and safety of one’s Family and Folk, are all categorized as vices.

SELF ACCEPTED WEAKNESS:  Self accepted weaknesses are any moral, spiritual, psychological, or physical weaknesses which one seeks to justify as opposed to endeavor to correct.  Any state of mind which goes with the flow of what appears to be harmless, albeit is a detrimental current.  That is to say, one has identified less than desirable elements residing in one’s life, yet one merely resigns one’s self to accept it as non factor, semantics, or a non threat to one’s progress.  Institutionalization is a self accepted weakness!

INSTITUTIONALIZATION:  Institutionalization is the espousing at a totally pernicious ideology on every front of self defeat.  This encompasses components from vice to Faith/Folk destruction for the sake of not only accepting but willfully embracing the destructive and morally retarded prison culture.  Drugs, gambling, homosexuality, extortion, racketeering and fratricidal prison gangs all contribute so greatly to the decay of the Aryan Tribal ideal and thereafter, the very destruction of our Faith and Folk community.  Does no one find it ironic and absurd that so many white men and women go into these dungeons, learn about white pride, mark their bodies with tattoos of racial distinction and honor, yet all the while so many act in counter productive and non-conducive ways toward building and strengthening our Folk!  What is so horribly wrong with this picture?

Folk proudly dawning and wearing the marks of what they deem to be equated with Aryan honor, while acting out in very dishonorable ways which will inevitably destroy the very thing we claim to love so much…  Our Race!  This is not, however, an indictment against anyone.  Rather, it is a call to you all to take a positive stand in the name of our Gods/Goddesses, Ancestors and Aryan Tribal pride, this very day.  It is within our means and devices to remedy the far reaching maladies cited herein, which we face as a Faith and Folk.

The most concrete manner to assure the endurance and longevity of a thing is to construct it from the most durable and indestructible stock available.  For when this measure is employed, it, the thing itself, becomes impervious to the assaults of all others.  If such a desirable stock does not exist, then one must endeavor to devise and establish such a stock.  By seeking to place total accountability within ourselves, as a Faith and Folk, rather than shifting the blame for our short comings to others, we may address these short comings and thereby create that desirable and impervious stock.  In fact, we shall become that stock and in concert with becoming thus, we may truly control our own destiny as a Faith and Folk!  There are no revolutionary fantasies to be had in the reality of Vinland (North America) today.  The revolution must be in the way we think!  There are no quick and immediate fixes!!!!

Vinland, with its government institutions will be here a hundred and fifty years from now.  The question is; “Will we as a Faith and Folk be here then?”  The only viable fix is a long term one.  We must rid ourselves, our Faith and Folk of all the pernicious habits and short comings we suffer from.  We must breed and raise intelligent Kinder (children) in the ways of our Faith and Folk and replace the erroneous shame which has been hoisted upon our backs, with pride.  We must send them to college to earn degrees and insert them into the government and its institutions so that one day we too will have a voice and representation to defend our Faith and Folk and reverse the racist labels so erroneously placed upon us!  This is our best and most immediate, valid option.  We must cease tossing about some old tired clichés as though it were mere sport and reclaim our bona fide grandeur.  This will only be accomplished by becoming the very Hammers we dawn around our necks which tell the world who and what we are…  Children of the Hammer.  Within our veins flows the thunder and lightning of Mjollnir.  It is hard wired into our very DNA, this desire to return to the height of our Ancestral lineage, the Gods themselves.  Only the Hammers of this life shall pound out and shape their own destinies, while the anvils will forever be destined to receive one beating after another!  The choice is yours alone to make.

            Therefore, in light of the afore stated; I issue this challenge to you all…  Declare Holy War against these agents of chaos and destruction which threaten the majesty of our Faith and Folk.

Legitimate honor may be found in genuine service to our Gods and Folk and denied to none whom remain Trú and loyal to the end.  Let this be our Holy and Sacred resolve as we seek to pass our ancient tribal ways and our beloved faith onto our Kinder of tomorrow as we assume our stations in the light of victory as holy Sunna smiles on the House of Odin, and those whom have earned the right to reside within.  Heil Allfather Odin!

Ves Heil, ok Fara með Odin.

I remain in Friþ with and in service to thee.

And it is both my privilege and honor.

Odin með oss!!!

“You must conquer and rule, or lose and serve.   Suffer, or triumph, and become either the anvil or the Hammer!” – Goethe