The 9 Steps for Noble Living

A Fundamental Odinist Program

for restoration and Refinement of our Noble Character and Integrity

©2020 The Holy Nation of Odin Outreach Ministry

There is a line in the movie Birdman of Alcatraz where the main character, a prisoner, instructs the warden about the meaning of the word “rehabilitation”. The definition, he said, “is to invest again with dignity”. The intimation being that there is an innate dignity within each of us, and we all have a choice to edify or defile it. As such, and contrary to the prevalent 12 step programs, we understand that we are NOT “powerless over our addictions”… rather our addictions are maladaptive habits, formed by repeating self-destructive choices. Alcoholism, drug abuse, compulsive gambling and promiscuity, thievery, bullying, domestic abuse and all likewise ignoble behavior are but the symptoms of a crisis of character.

Fundamental Odinism teaches us that a noble life, one lived in service to a higher cause, is our true purpose. Thus, the emphasis of this program is on living a noble life. Dwelling on problems, or defining ourselves according to our failings, does not fix anything. We focus on right thinking and right action, without equivocation or excuses… dwelling in righteousness. Our 9 steps are the Nine Noble Virtues, which are drawn from the Hávamál (the Word of Allfather Odin). By living out these steps, we are walking the Northern Road paved by our ancestors, and living the Forn Siðr (Ancient Religion) of our Goðanum (Gods and Goddesses). As the first step leads to the ninth, the ninth leads back to the first… as long as we live, the journey continues. We begin with restoration, but we live by refinement… in the words of Gð. Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell: “Self-Transformation on a Continuum.”

The 9 Steps for Noble Living

Step 1: Courage.  Despite difficulty, hardship or embarrassment, we resolve to over come any obstacle to our living a noble life, be it ourselves or others.

Step 2: Honesty/Truth.  Being honest with ourselves and others, we admit that we can and do fall short of our potential and inherent dignity, choosing to live by truth without excuses.

Step 3: Honor.  The guidance of the Allfather Odin and our Goðanum (Gods and  Goddesses) resides within us, is integral to how we choose to live, and Their examples are our most reliable resource.

Step 4: Troth/Loyalty/Fidelity.  We steadfastly hold to the life of virtue and integrity upon which we committedly embark as a matter of principle and honor.

Step 5: Strength/Discipline.  We understand the need for a healthy mind, body, and soul, thus we structure our lives as befits noble souls.

Step 6:  Hospitality.  Understanding that a noble life requires a habitual character of service, we unfailingly and freely share in the bounty of our virtue.

Step 7:  Industriousness.  Building a character requires work and an ethic to match it, which we endeavor to bring to our noble living daily.

Step 8:  Self Reliance/Independence.  We affirm that responsibility for our lives, and how we live it, lies solely with us; thus, a noble life can not be forced upon us, but must be freely accepted and embraced.

Step 9:  Perseverance.  A noble life is a series of moments, days and even years, thus the refinement of our character is never finished.  Brand Kindles Brand.

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