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Articles by Godi, Dr. Casper Odinson Crowell

Neun Nachten Im Ernte

A Call for Holy War

A Lesson in Despotism

A Moment with Godi 2007 03

A Moment with Godi 2007 12

All Aboard the Ship of Fools

Before First Light

Confusion in Germanic Mythology

1 vs 100

Fact of Fiction in the 21st Century

Daily Meditations

Fundamental Odinism

Hallowed Hammers vs Hollow Hammers

Hammer of Thor


In February

In the Pursuit of the Truth

Learn to Suffer without Complaint

Leaving the Cave

Moral Turpitude

Musings 2008 05 30

Odin As Allfather

Odinism vs Asatru

Odins Oath to Loki Factor

On Responsible Fidelity

Original Sin

Pathology of Fratricide

Prison Break

Queer Notions



Regarding Honor

Regarding Passion and Love

Remaining True to the Elder Lore

Remembering David

Resist and Defy

Ruminations 2008

Set the Record Straight

Slighted By Our Own Hands

Soldier’s Prayer fo Odinist’s

Summertide Editorial 2008 07

Supreme Court Justice Letter 2007 03 19

The Celtic Connection

The Five Deadly Sins

The Immigration Bill

The Road to Valhalla

The Skeppalag Contra Kindred

The War at Home

They May Be Giants

Toward Higher Idealism

Valhalla Today

Vindurrithar Saga

Walking the Northern Path – Gjallarhorn Answering the Call

Walking the Northern Path – Love Thy Neighbor

Walking the Northern Path – A Revolution in Thought

Welcome to the Revolution

What Constitutes a Problem

When Odin 1st Thought

When the Well Runs Dry

When We Were Gods

Wisdom From Odins Bok

You Might Be A Zionist

Artices by Godi, Vidar Odinson Harless

On Our Common Cause