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Gods and Goddesses
Introduction to the Primary Gods and Goddesses of Odinism

Father of the Gods

Odin, Wotan, or Woden is the highest and holiest God of the Northern races. Ruler of the Æsir, God of the runes, inspiration, shamanism, magic and war. Odin is also known as God of the... (more)

Queen of the Gods

Frigga or Frigg is Mother of the Gods and Humanity, the patroness of the household and of married women. Frigga, the daughter of Fiorgyn and sister of Jörd, was eventually... (more)

God of Thunder

Thor, or Donar, is the son of Odin and by some accounts Jörd (Erda or Earth), while others state that his mother was Frigga, Queen of the Gods. Thor is is known as "The Thunderer", Hammer-God... (more)

God of War

Tyr, Tiu, or Ziu is the son of Odin, and according to some accounts, his mother is Frigga, Queen of the Gods. He is the god of martial honor, God of defense and victory, bravest of the Gods... (more)

Goddess of Youth

Idun, "She Who Renews" is the Goddess of spring, immortal youth and eternal life. According to some, Idun, who had no birth and is never to taste death, was also... (more)

Goddess of Love

Freya, the fair Northern goddess of beauty and love, is the sister of Frey and the daughter of Njörd and Nerthus, or Skadi. She is the most beautiful and best beloved... (more)

God of Fertility

Frey, or Fro as he was called in Germany, is the God of Frith; peace, fertility, nature and plenty. He is the son of Njörd and Nerthus, or of NJörd and Skadi, and was born in Vanaheim... (more)

Stiller of Storms

Njörd, or Niord, is the Vana-God of seafaring. He is known as the "Stiller-of-Storms" and controls wind, stills sea and fire. He is the son of Nott (Night) and his first wife was... (more)

Watchman of the Gods

Heimdall, "Heaven's Mount", is also called "the Son of the Waves". Heimdall is the Asa-God of Light and the rainbow, the Watchman of the Gods, "The White God", and the the Guardian of... (more)

Best Loved of the Gods

Odin and Frigga were parents of twin sons as dissimilar in character and physical appearance as it was possible to be; for while Hodur, god of darkness, was somber, taciturn, and blind... (more)

The Silent God

Vidar is the brother of Vali, and the son of Odin and Grid. Vidar is known as the Silent God and will avenge Odin's death by slaying the Fenris wolf at Ragnarok... (more)

God of Vengeance and Rebirth

Vali, as told in the Skaldskaparmal, is the "son of Odin and Rind, stepson of Frigg, brother of the Æsir, Baldr's avenging As, enemy... (more)

Origins of the Days of the Week

Day (Old Norse) Meaning
Monday (Manisdagr) Moon's day
Tuesday (Tyrsdagr) Tyr's day
Wednesday (Odinsdagr) Odin's day
Thursday (Thorsdagr) Thor's day
Friday (Friggasdagr) Day of Freyr/Freyja
Saturday (Laugardagr) Washing day
Sunday (Sunnasdagr) Sun's day

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